Location: Preston - Lytham
14th March 2017

March News

Our dentist!

Since the last news posting we have been very busy, we have had lots going on. We have completed our set up of the dentist in Class three, we have celebrated pancake day, we have celebrated st.Davids day, we have had world book day and it was Leanne's birthday.

Class three are very happy with their dentist area, created in the role play area, they love to dress up and pretend to be patients and dentists. We have done activities such as cleaning laminated teeth pictures with toothbrushes and looking at good and bad teeth and talking about how to look after their teeth. We have been focusing on what food are best to eat to keep your teeth healthy and what are not- we have these on display. We aim to continue to educate the children on how to look after their health and what they can do to look after their teeth.Thank you to all parents who have brought in information or props that we have used in our dentist it is very much appreciated.

Shortly after the last news we celebrated Pancake day, we explained in class two and three what pancake day was and the reason why the tradition is to eat pancakes on this day. The children enjoyed chocolate pancakes after their tea.

We celebrated St.Davids day throughout the nursery on 1st March,, the babies did paintings with the colour yellow to resemble the flowers and Class three make flowers out of salt dough and then painted them. They looked fantastic and all children were very proud of these. 

World book day was the 2nd March and the children throughout nursery really got involved, we had some amazing costumes and you can really tell that children have a genuine interest and enthusiasm for books. We read childrens favourite books throughout the day that they had brought in and we acted out stories too. 

Over the next month coming up we have stay and play sessions still on every Wednesday 2.15-3.15pm, we have mothers day to look forward too, st.Patricks day and Red Nose day too.

Lastly we would like to wish Leanne a very happy Birthday!