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Location: Leicester - Blaby
16th May 2018

Marvellous Me!

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Children at Leicester Blaby have recently started using a marvellous me box to share with their friends.  The box has a poem that goes home with a child:

Marvellous Me

Inside this box is everything about me,
From toys I play with to what I see.
I place in here some things I treasure,
And show my friends at nursery with pleasure.
At circle time I will take items out,
Describe what they are and pass them about.
Grownups at home can help me draw a picture,
Of what I have inside the box, oh what a mixture!
Once I’ve shared my toys and favourite things with others,
They will go back in the box and back to my mother’s.
I cant wait to take these things to nursery you see…….
I can share everything about marvellous me!

The child can then put whatever they wish to inside the box and draw or write on a template with parents help and support. The box comes back to nursery and the children show this and discuss with their key group.  This is a great way to celebrate our children as individuals and encourage sharing and what a confidence boost!!

This is Lillia using the box with her friends and how proud she was!