Location: Derby - Oakwood
13th March 2017

Mathematics Day

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Today at Derby Oakwood nursery we celebrated mathematics day by hosting a variety of different activities for the children to get involved with. 

We had volcanic eruptions occurring in the Pre School room where the children have taken part in experimenting with a variety of different substances such as vinegar and bicarbonate of soda and watching the eruption take place.

The baby room has created a sensory number painting activity, which consists of printed out numbers, cling film and a variety of coloured paints chosen by the children within the room. This activity helps the children to explore the textures by rubbing their hands across the cling film to smear the paint whilst looking at and learning numbers in the process. There is also foam numbers in water and different jigsaws for them to play with.

Toddlers are teaching their children how to use scales to weigh out different ingredients and weights of toys and watching the scales move up and down depending on the weight. Toddlers have also read a variety of mathematical based books such as counting books and sang number songs in group play.