Location: Harlow
28th June 2017

Maths Day

How tall am I? Pre-School
Counting fruits and vegetables on our picnic - 2-3's
How far can I jump? - Pre-School
How far does my car go if I push it really hard? - Pre-School
Counting cars - Babies
Counting 1-5 - Babies

Today all children at nursery took part in lot's of different mathematics activities. Throughout the day the children measured, weighed, counted and looked at heights of each other and adults. They were enthusiastic about using a ruler, tape measure and measuring the distance car's go when they are pushed along paper. The babies joined in by counting blocks, discussing big and small throughout their activities. 

"The children adored using mathematical language whilst measuring the distance cars had moved, they all worked together as a team. It was so lovely to see them all engaged and focusing for a period of time on a new activity." April Plume - Pre-School Manager