Location: Darlington
13th March 2017

Maths Week

Maths Week Photo-1
Maths Week Photo-2
Maths Week Photo-3
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Maths Week Photo-5

W/C 13th March we have been taking part in Mathematics week.

Mathematics is all about helping children to understand and use shape, space, measure and numbers so they can solve everyday problems like how much sticky tape to use to wrap a present or the number of spoons needed to set the table for tea so that everyone has one.

The children have enjoyed lots of maths activities this week indoor and also outdoors.  We had a number hunt in the garden, we have baked cookies looking at numbers on recipes and counting out chocolate chips, singing number rhymes '5 little ducks', printing with shapes, water play using lots of quantity language.  

This all forms part of the Busy Bees 'Nurturing problem Solving to Mathematics' to read more click here.