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Location: Derby - Heatherton
11th March 2018

Maths and Babies

Maths and Babies

At Derby Heatherton, we have an initiative called Problem Solving to Mathematics where it enhances a child's skill and ability in this area of development and prepares them for the different aspects of maths they will face throughout their early years.

Here is a picture of our under ones, Little Babies, building simple towers using our blocks. From this easy step up, we also create moments for the children to learn their colours, numbers and shape awareness of how to build and fix the blocks.

Within Early Years and Early Education, there is a cry for children to approve their attainment scores in Numeracy. At Derby Heatherton, our children at attaining at 97%.

If these activities are something you would like to become involved in, please give Emma a call on 01332 518888.