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Location: Stowmarket
6th March 2018

Meet Brooke


We are pleased to welcome Brooke to our team. Brooke approached us asking for an opportunity to work with children, this is something she has always dreamed of doing and she is keen to complete her training with us. Brooke is joining our support staff team working in all areas of the nursery, 

here are a few things about Brooke...

What is your favourite food? I love TGI Fridays, i just wish there was one closer! 

Who is your favourite singer/ band? Oasis 

Where is the nicest place your have visited? Amsterdam & Edinburgh 

​Do you have any children yourself? yes I have a little boy called Rudy he is 9 months old. 

Why did you want to work with children? Since having a son of my own has encouraged me to have a change of career. Working with children is something i have become passionate about. 

What is your first impression of working for Busy Bees? Busy Bees is a very busy and friendly environment to work in. 

What is your career goal? I would like to obtain a nursery qualification which will enable me to progress through different positions within the nursery.