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Location: Stowmarket
23rd March 2018

Meet Jess and Danielle

Jess joins Tweenies team
Danielle join the Rising 3's team

Over the last two weeks we have had Jess and Dani join our team. if you have thought Dani reminds you of someone that maybe because she is Kim's sister :)

We have asked both girls some questions to get to know them a little better......

What is your favourite meal?

J - Pizza    D- Sunday Roast

Do you have a favourite movie?

J- The greatest Showman     D- Beauty and the Beast

Favourite singer or band?

J - not really  D Imagine Dragons 

Why did you want to work with children?

J- no two days are the same, i have wanted to work with children from a young age and find it very rewarding. 

D- Its is a great experience working with children, every day is different 

What is your first impression of Busy Bees?

J - Friendly, supportive environment

D- It is a fun place to work

Where would you like to see yourself in 5 years time?

J - I would like to progress to a room manager, My ambition is to move out and maybe have a baby of my own in the next 5 years. 

D - I would like to see be enjoying my job working in a nursery setting. 

We hope Jess and Danielle are settling in well and that they enjoy being part of our Busy Bee Team :)