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Location: Glenrothes
27th October 2017

Mendhi designs

Mendhi designs  Photo-1
Mendhi designs  Photo-2
Mendhi designs  Photo-3

This week in Pre-School we have been researching and studying all about the Diwali Festival. The boys and girls have taken a huge interest in this and have seemed to really enjoy looking at all the different ways they celebrate from clothes to designs.

At the start of the week we looked at Mendhi designs and created some of our own. We concentrated well on fine detail and keeping own hands very still. We used a plastic piping tube and filled it with paint with a variety of colours to chose from to squeeze. One child said, 'This pattern is like my mums wallpaper' and another child said, 'This so pretty because I used pink'. 

We have displayed the children's beautiful work on our learning topic wall for everyone to see. This also encourages the children redo this activity if and when they want to add it onto here.