Location: Harlow
19th August 2016

Mini Olympics!

Mini Olympics! Photo-1
Mini Olympics! Photo-2
Mini Olympics! Photo-3
Mini Olympics! Photo-4
Mini Olympics! Photo-5
Mini Olympics! Photo-6

Today we held our own mini Olympics ceremony with our 2 to 5 year olds!

All week we have been talking to the children about the Olympics, making our torches and even set them homework to watch the Olympics at home! This morning parents and children arrived excitedly, with parents saying "Bring home the gold!" to their children!

We had a variety of games throughout the day and incorporated lots of different areas of learning. Each team had their own colour and number, the children were able to match either their colour or number to join their team mates. We had colour matching in our target throwing, hand and eye coordination with our balancing games, and lots of team work with everyone cheering on their teams! At the end of each games the children received 1st, 2nd and 3rd medals, and all children taking part received a certificate. We then all filled our worn out bellies with our Olympic theme picnic!