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12th April 2018

Montessori Spring term 2018 plan

Montessori Spring term 2018  plan: Exploring the Continents 

Dear parents, as we have created our zoo we will continue to learn about animals and their habitats. We started to learn about the 3 elements, land, air and water and the different types of transport  that you would travel on for each. We will now look at the animals that live in the different elements. We will move on to the continents where we will  look further into the animals and their habitates  but also we will learn about cultures, food, dress, houses, music etc. As it is spring  we will start with the continent of Europe looking into the different life cycles.

Please encourage your child to think about  where  they have been and on which continent they visited, the language they spoke  etc. We also have such a variety  of nationalities it would be nice if parents wanted to come in and share a story, do some craft or a dance etc linked to the continent.

Another thing I would like to ask is that you encourage your child to treat the environment kindly e.g. put their toys away, turn the pages nicely in a book, tuck their chairs in, put things in the bin not the floor, walk indoors etc. I am asking for your help with this as it will only work if it is consistent between nursery and home..
Thank you


Montessori Teacher