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Location: Wigan - Marylebone
12th March 2018

Mother Day Picnic

Mothers Day Picnic

On Friday 9th March we held a picnic just for mum and grandmas to celebrate mothers day in our annual mothers day picnic! Toddlers and Preschool children invited their mum and grandmas to come along and enjoy a wonderful picnic prepared especially for them by their child. The children enjoyed making pizzas, sandwiches and a fantastic fruit salad! We had lots of mums and grandma's turn up to enjoy the picnic to celebrate mothers day and they all had a wonderful time at the picnic and eating the treats made by the children. At the picnic we also held a raffle to win some brilliant prizes and the money made from the raffle. This Year we also held a stand up bingo game to get all the mums and grandmas involved as they prepared for there picnic to be served.