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Location: Welwyn - Mardley Hill
26th April 2018

Mud Kitchen Fun!

Mud Kitchen Fun! Photo-1
Mud Kitchen Fun! Photo-2
Mud Kitchen Fun! Photo-3

The children at Mardley Hill adore our beautiful gardens and enjoyed a lovely spring morning playing in the warm sunshine!

Once outside the children explored their surroundings and found that there were new additions to their learning environments - big pots and pans and lots of exciting real life cooking utensils....oh what fun they had as they engaged in role play and recalled previous experiences of cooking at home and at nursery. 

The creations were simply amazing! Using their rapidly developing physical skills they lifted large saucepans and moved them to areas around the garden as they selected the 'ingredients' for their dishes. Leaves, mud, twigs and sand were used and great communication and team working meant this was an activity that epitomised collective success....well done Pre-School, we really enjoyed observing your achievements!  

To conclude this amazing morning we enjoyed a delicious al fresco lunch of vegetable and red lentil dahl followed by pineapple and lemon drizzle slices....I think the children must have worked up an appetite!

If you would like further information on the exciting events we have planned for the forthcoming months please contact Laura the Nursery Manager on: 01438 840138 and she will be very happy to help.