Location: Beverley
24th May 2017

Music time with Tony Cook

Music time with Tony Cook  Photo-1
Music time with Tony Cook  Photo-2
Music time with Tony Cook  Photo-3
Music time with Tony Cook  Photo-4

The repertoire the Tony caries out for the children is a mixture of nursery rhymes, children's songs and requests. Classroom instruments, including tambourines, maracas, bells, drums etc. where used throughout Tony’s performance.

The children love listening to him sing and play music, he often comes to pay us a visit. The children love his song, "Let's go party", featured on the Mp3 jukebox, is often requested by the nursery children and staff.

Recently (May 2011), an OFSTED inspector was very complimentary about the way Tony involved the children in making music.


For a free session, or to find out more or to book, please ring or text: 07989 140033 or email: tony@tonytunes.co.uk

Tony’s music and samples of it can be found at; - http://www.tonytunes.co.uk/