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Location: Tunbridge Wells
4th May 2018

National Firefighters Day

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National Firefighters Day Photo-5

Today we were busy celebrating the firefighters who help to keep us safe today. We had a talk with a real fire fighter to learn all about their uniform and what they need to do in order to keep us safe, and how it works. The grown ups in our pre-school room demonstrated for us how the uniform works and what it looks like. We also learnt how we can keep safe at home, by listening out for the fire alarm as well as testing it. 

We then went outside to do some fire drills, the most important being stop drop and roll, which the children all enjoyed as the fire fighter was watching them all practice. To finish the visit off everyone got a turn on the fire truck, we sat inside it to see how high up we were, and even got to use the hose with its many different settings! 

However this isn't were pre-school stopped, after the engine had gone and sounded its sirens we went inside and was quick to get nice and messy to make our own fire engine, we used all the colours we could remember for the engine, giving it wells and making sure we remembered the sirens were flashing blue whilst making the sound for it as well.