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Location: Derby Duffield (TT)
1st May 2018

National Gardening Week at Castle Garden

National Gardening Week at Castle Garden Photo-1
National Gardening Week at Castle Garden Photo-2
National Gardening Week at Castle Garden Photo-3

The children in our Clever Croc's room have had fun celebrating National Gardening Week, they have carried out a variety of activities over the week which have supported their knowledge about the natural world.  To kick start the week children read the story Jack and the Beanstalk, to enhance their learning further they created their own beanstalk incorporating a weighted pulley system to help it grow after it was watered and extending their understanding of forces.

Alongside vegetable planting the Clever Croc's have also enjoyed creating observational paintings of flowers and leaves on cling film.  Painting on different surfaces at varying angles gives children the opportunity explore different media and materials bringing out their inner artist and creating their own masterpiece!!

To end the week the Clever Croc's went on nature walk and collected lots of interesting leaves and sticks, they then used these to create their own print's in playdough and discussed the marks it had made "wow it's made a bumpy pattern".