Location: Lewisham
10th April 2017

National Gardening Week

National Gardening Week Photo-1
National Gardening Week Photo-2
National Gardening Week Photo-3
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National Gardening Week Photo-6

Throughout this week at nursery we have enjoyed exploring flowers and plants by making observational drawings, by using petals to create collages and by planting and sowing our own vegetables!

We are growing lettuce, cress and cucumbers and an array of flowers including sunflowers! We want them to grow as tall as us!

Our flower beds have started to bloom and children have used the opportunity to learn new words, developing their vocabulary which relates to the Early Years Foundation Stage area of Communication and Language. 

The activities also gave the children an opportunity to develop their awareness of 'The World' an aspect of the Understanding the World area of learning. Older children particularly, looked at growth and change and learnt how to affect this as they watered the seedlings. 

Come and visit us to take a look at our indoor garden and see how much our seeds and bulbs have grown!