Location: Meredale Nursery (Rainham, Gillingham)
24th April 2017

National Pet Week

National Pet Week Photo-1
National Pet Week Photo-2
National Pet Week Photo-3
National Pet Week Photo-4
National Pet Week Photo-5

To celebrate National Pet Week here at Meredale Day Nursery the children took part in lots of Activities and events all around the theme of Pets.  Each room created their own activities as well as grouping together their ideas.

The baby room made colourful playdough and used a variety of animal shaped cookie cutters to create the animals of their choice.  They then placed these together to create scenes from Home, the Zoo and the Farm.

The baby room joined with Toddler room for our Zoolab experience on Tuesday, with an array of animals being brought by for the children to see, touch and discuss.  The children got to learn all about Spiders, Snakes, Giant African Snails, Rats and Cockroaches.

As well as plenty of pet colouring pictures being created throughout the week the children brought pictures of their beloved pets from home and talked about their names, what animal they were and how they look after them.  We found out that most of the baby room children actually own cats!