Location: Meredale Nursery (Rainham, Gillingham)
24th April 2017

National Pet Week

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Toddlers 2-3’s

To celebrate National Pet Week here at Meredale Day Nursery the children took part in lots of activities and events all around the theme of Pets.  Each room created their own activities as well as grouping together their ideas.

Each day of ‘Pet Week’ the Toddler Room based their room activities around certain topics to do with their pets.

Monday- The children took part in a Flashcards game whereby they each took turns to pick a card and then had to mimic their animal’s actions and sounds.  They also discussed their pets from home and shared their stories with the rest of the room.  We learned that one of our children rescued a pigeon from a young age and took such good care of it that it returns every day to see them and has become part of their family even coming into their house to get close to them!

Tuesday- Toddler room had their visit from Zoolab today.  Being able to see, touch and learn all about Rats, Spiders, Snakes, Giant African Snails and Cockroaches.  Many of the children were very intrigued by these animals and also brave when it came to stroking the snake!

Wednesday- The children were using paints to create cat and dog pictures today.  They mixed the paints to create the colours they needed and used sponges to print the shapes to make their chosen animals face.

Thursday- The children were given the opportunity to see a recently shed snake skin today.  One of our staff members was able to bring this in for the children to see and discuss.  As you can imagine the children were full of how and why questions which keep them fascinated for quite a while!

Friday- The children decided to re-invent the children’s classic nursery rhyme ‘Old Macdonald had a farm’ today, individually picking an animal that should be on their farm in the song.  The children went on to discuss which animals lived where and what surroundings each animal preferred.