Location: Meredale Nursery (Rainham, Gillingham)
24th April 2017

National Pet Week

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Preschool 3-5’s

To celebrate National Pet Week here at Meredale Day Nursery the children took part in lots of activities and events all around the theme of Pets.  Each room created their own activities as well as grouping together their ideas.

Preschool took part in so many pet related games and activities this week.  Clearly this topic was a favourite showing their passion about animals and their pets.

Dominoes- The children had to match together the animals and as they did so, name which animal it was, describe them and also try and make the sound they make.

Fish Bowls- The children used paper plates painted blue as their fish bowls, then, fish by carefully cutting out their fish shape with coloured paper.  The fish was then stuck on to their fish bowl and displayed on the room board.

Animal Lotto- Each child was given a board with a selection of animal pictures on and a handful of counters.  They had to listen out for the sounds of the animals they had and when they did, pop a counter on top.  The child to completely cover all their animals first was the winner.

Zoolab- Along with the rest of the nursery on Tuesday, preschool room had their visit from Zoolab.  The children were able to look at different animals like a snake, a giant African Snail, a Rat, spider and cockroach and learned some interesting facts like what they eat, where they live and to also experience what they feel like to touch.

AG ‘Where does the snail come from?’

Zoolab Rep ‘This snail comes from Africa, Do you know where Africa is?’

JO ‘I’m from Africa!’

Animal Flash Cards- The staff in the room picked an animal card, keeping it hidden from the children.  Thy then described the animal they had chosen and the children had to guess which animal was on the card.

Birds- The children created bird masks from paper plates cut to shape and a verity of different coloured tissue paper and feathers.

Key Children Time- The children sat down together and took it in turns to talk about what pets they have at home.  If they didn’t have a pet they talked about their favourite animal instead.  The children were very patient waiting for their turn and all listened very intently to each other.

Matching- The children picked an animal and matched it to where they thought it would live.  We had horses in stables, fish in tanks and parrots in trees.  The children showed their caring side for the animals during this activity.

Bones for the Dog- The children made this animal game into a fun maths activity.  They each took turns to roll the dice, and then had to collect the number of bones and feed them to the dog (By sticking them to the picture using the provided Velcro).


A very busy week for Preschool!!