Location: Harlow
12th May 2017

National sandwich week

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This week the children at Harlow nursery have been making their own tea in celebration of national sandwich week

The children have made a range of sandwiches and rolls throughout the week. This has been very exciting for the children to get involved and hands on with the making of their teas. 

This week has promoted children's independence and self help skills. The children have all had a go at using cutlery to spread butter, cut their sandwiches and also having their own choice of fillings. 

The children have also been using these experiences to act out these skill themselves. They have been using teddies and home corner foods to create their own picnics. Modelling cutting their sandwiches and offering their friends choices of fillings within their play! 

"The children love having sandwiches for tea, this week always creates a lot of excitement at nursery! It's a perfect way to promote children's independence and skills, practising using cutlery and having their own choices around their food"  ~ Vicki Clift - Nursery Chef