Location: Maidenhead - Hall Place
14th November 2016

New Look Baby Rooms

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We have now divided our two baby rooms, by the development of your baby....

We have captured the personal touch, that all babies develop at their own pace, so with this in mind, we have now opened our brand new 'Tinies and Crawlers' room, accompanied with a separate sleep and sensory room which has a feeding area and lilac corner, this is a calming colour, which provides the children with a cosy, wind down area before sleep. The sensory area includes black and white resources to help stimulate and enhance your babies visual and brain development 

The room is run by Nikki, who is perfect for this age group, Nikki has worked with Busy Bees since 2008 and has plenty of experience with age group. The 'Tinies and Crawlers' room has fantastic new resources, a jungle book area with textured cushions and brand new books, a cosy teepee, that the babies can crawl into for a much needed rest and quiet time, a beautiful natural play gym and a crawl-in sand pit.

For all children starting in the 'Tinies and Crawlers' room, we are offering a complementary premium baby gift bag, complete with Mamas and Papas sleep suit, bib, vest, muslin and tommee tippee bottle, all inside a Busy Bees backpack/cool bag.

Our other baby room 'First Steps' is for those children who are just starting to take their first steps. The resources are developmentally appropriate for this stage of development. They have a role play kitchen, cosy beach book area, low level sand/water trays and a big garden area to explore.