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Location: Shellingford
25th January 2018


Preschool doing the educational activity for letters and sounds of 'silly soup' mixing rhyming words togther
Preschool enjoying using tooth brushes to brush away all the draw teeth to make it all clean, while talking about why we brush our teeth
Babies exploring painting with the blocks and their hands, talking about the colours they are using.
Babies exploring water movement, using animals and the funnels to move the water about
Toddlers creating different environments for the animals to live in, talking about where we find animals
Toddlers using the blocks to stack, and count as we build to see how high we can build

What we have been up to this week

This week in the baby room we have been learning our colours through painting with the blocks, as well as using our hands. We have also been exploring the water with different ways to create movement, such as adding animals into the water and moving them about, as well as using our hands by splashing about. The babies have also really enjoyed Cheeky Monkey's, playing the drums and learning different sounds they make. 

In toddlers this week we have enjoyed painting and sticking for upcoming art boards, as well as keeping active by lots of dancing and copying games. The toddlers have additionally been exploring various materials such as mud, water and sand to create areas for the play animals to live. 

Within preschool this week we have been working on group activities such as reading stories about stranger danger, and acting out what happens if we get lost from out mummies and daddies. We have also been creating their own gingerbread puppets; practising their scissor skills. Additionally the preschoolers have been really enjoying their letters and sounds activity this week, in which they have to create silly soup, placing objects into a bowl that rhymes with one another and mix them all together. 

We would like to welcome Jasmine to the busy bees team this week, and also welcome back Kirstin from maternity leave. 


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