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Location: Shellingford
16th March 2018


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What we have been up to this week

In the babies room this week we've been exploring the wood area in the garden playing in the hide away house, enjoying our educational programmes of exploring messy free painting and mixing the colours together. We have also learning our number with wooden blocks and number books. 

In the toddler room this week what have been using Boris our toddler puppet friend to talk about healthy eating, using play food to help us identify what is good for us to eat. We have also been drawing outside with chalk making the our floor colourful and bright. Additionally we have also been using the foam blocks to work on building towers while counting. 

In the preschool room this week we have been looking at number beginning to identify them with some children, as well as counting as high as we can go, additionally even begin to do simple multiplication within different activities. Additionally we have been using the wooden blocks to create different structures such as building our parents work in as well as tanks, getting creative using cylinder blocks as the wheels to make it move, while talking about some of the parents working in the military.

We have no staff off this week

We would also like to inform you of the change in brand of nappies we wil be using as of next week. We will be using award winning Mamia nappies and wipes moving forward.

Upcoming events

Easter Bonnet parade- Thursday 29th March 3pm till 5pm

Summer BBQ- Thursday 26th July 2 at 2pm

Many regards, 

Emma and the team at Shellingford