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Location: Shellingford
6th April 2018


Preschoolers looking around the garden for bugs
Preschoolers having races around the garden, taking turns
Toddlers collecting natural materials in the garden to extend their role play.
Toddlers having a go using scissors to work of how we hold them
Babies using the musical instruments to create different sounds
Babies enjoying doing their educational program of print painting

What we have been up to this week 

In babies room this week we have been learning sounds with the musical instruments, using them when we sing together, and when we dance. We have also have been exploring different animals and the noises they make and where they live. Additionally we have been doing our educational programmes of print painting, as well as exploring items hat roll along the ground and learning how to take turns. 

In the toddler room this week we have been using scissors' this week, working on how we handle them, and taking small cuts. We have also been looking at building tower this week in different structured forms, counting as we are building and creating different shapes. Additionally we have been role playing in the garden using the natural materials around us to make extend our play. 

In the preschool room this week we have been enjoying the mix of weather this week, looking around the garden for different bug that we can find, talking about the different habitats of the bugs encouraging the preschoolers to be more descriptive. We have also been reading lots of stories this week and reenacting the stories using props to extend our stories. 

Staff holidays

Kealiegh on annual leave: Monday 9th April

Upcoming events 

Parents evening Wednesday 25th Apirl 

Summer garden party- 29th July 2pm


Emma and all the staff at Busy bees nursery