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Location: Shellingford
13th April 2018


Preschool creating their rainbow using different medias
Preschool junk modeling to create gifts for the Queens birthday board.
Toddlers practicing their fine motor skills using scissors
Toddlers decorating their traffic lights
Babies mark making using transport cars
Babies using different colour's to draw shapes

What we have been up to this week

This week in the baby room we have been drawing shapes, enjoying exploring the animal peg puzzles' using our fine motor skills. We have also been looking at the colour sensory blocks and seeing how things change when you look through them. Additionally we have been making marks with the cars in the paint. 

Within the toddlers room this week we have been practising our songs and making objects to go with the songs for a nursery rhyme board such as a bus and sheep and stars. Also we have been learning about traffic lights, while creating them, using different media to create the red, amber, and green lights, while doing this we have been cutting out our shapes using scissors to help out motor skills and maths. 

In the preschool room this week we have been working on mixing colours, looking at when combined what colours are being made, as well as creating rainbows using different media's. We have also been creating our a crown, balloons and junk model decorating to create a board to celebrate the Queen's 92nd birthday coming up.

Upcoming events 

Summer garden party: 26th July

Staff Holiday's

Courtni in on annual leave: Thursday and Friday 

Kind regards, 

Emma and the team at Shellingford