Location: Harlow
13th March 2017

Number Hunt

Number Hunt  Photo-1
Number Hunt  Photo-2
Number Hunt  Photo-3
Number Hunt  Photo-4

Today we set out a number hunt in the garden for our pre-school children to take part in. 

This was from one of our enhancement cards 'Problem solving to mathematics'

We talked about the activity before and they were very eager to start!

The children listened to a number being called and then had to find the numeral to match it.

They enjoyed running around the garden finding all the different numerals

It turned into quite a race too, seeing who could find the numeral first to be the winner! 


"The number hunt was a great way for all the children to enjoy numbers. It incorporated being physical and running around, with learning their numbers too. The children are very good at counting numbers, so this was a fun way to promote the recognition of numerals ready for school" ~ Hayley Yeta - 3-5 Room Manager and EYFS coordinator