Location: Wakefield
13th January 2017

Numbers and Mark Making

Numbers and Mark Making Photo-1
Numbers and Mark Making Photo-2

Letter and Number of the week

As children become more aware of and interested in the letters and numbers that they see in everyday life, we choose to focus on a letter and/or a number with them. This is over a 2 week period. Children are encouraged to bring in things beginning with the chosen letter or a print of something from their home. Please see the display in our Pre-School.

The letters and numbers that we focus on are initiated by the children, for example ‘E’ because they are interested in an Elmer the Elephant book or number ‘5’ because one of the children has recently moved house and their address is now house number 5.

We use Literacy and Numeracy cards to support the children’s learning and interests through the participation in the activities set out on the cards and the enhancements to the environment. 

If you would like to know more about the Number and Letter of the week please speak to our Pre-School Room Senior Angela.