Location: Livingston - Quarrywood Court
26th September 2016

Nursery Apples

Nursery Apples Photo-1
Nursery Apples Photo-2
Nursery Apples Photo-3
Nursery Apples Photo-4
Nursery Apples Photo-5

During Harvest Festival the children were doing lots of activities and also talkinig about things that are harvested at Autumn time. There was lots of fruit and vegetables talked about and the children found we had our own tree to harvest. We have been really lucky this year. The apple tree in the nursery garden has had lots of lovely apples on it.

The children thought that it would be a good idea to pick the apples and use them to bake with. The children picked lots of apples with a little help to reach those that were up high.

They then gave them to the chef who said she would use them for some deserts so that everyone would be able to taste the apples.

The children had apple tart and Eve's Pudding. Everyone agreed they were lovely apples.