Location: Burntwood - St.Matthews
13th July 2016

Nursery Graduation Day!!

Nursery Graduation Day!! Photo-1
Nursery Graduation Day!! Photo-2
Nursery Graduation Day!! Photo-3
Nursery Graduation Day!! Photo-4
Nursery Graduation Day!! Photo-5

Busy Bees at St Matthews Graduation Day!!

13th July 2016

The staff at the Burntwood nursery are always sad to see the children leave, as some of them have been with us since they were very small...  so, we always do our best to give the children a fantastic send off at their Graduation Party!!

The Burntwood nursery invited the parents to join their children for it's annual Graduation celebration, where they were all entertained by our guest Paul and his "Magical Mayhem" show.

The children were captivated by the fast moving show and loved having their parents with them to share the experience together.  

As always Paul needed a volunteer or two to assist him, and who said it had to just be children?  Some Mum's and Dad's were very eager to help as well!!

It was a fabulous way to say "goodbye" and we wish all the children well in the next chapter of their lives.