Location: Ipswich - Pinewood
20th June 2016

Nursery Room Updates

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This week babies have loved playing in the sand with the wild animals.  The staff would name the animals and show the babies the sounds the animals make.  Mandy and Pauline made 2 new sensory bags for the children to explore, one with numbers and one with letters.  Next week the children are going to love exploring the new sensory bags.


Piglets children have been exploring different textures this week.  Each child has created their own texture collage using different types of materials, bubble wrap, lollipop sticks, feathers and pipe cleaners.  These are all displayed on one of our displays, come and take a look.


This week we celebrated 'Army Day'.  Our children got very messy in our messy painting room.  The children too park in army crawling on big sheets of paper.  We also made children binoculars with cardboard tubes.  Rabbits loved pretending to be solders with their binoculars.


Eeyores have been very busy working on letters of the alphabet and using brilliant pincer grip to copy their names.  We have been counting beyond 20 and arranging different objects according to size.

Pooh Bears

Pre-school have been very interested in developing new role play games in the garden.  They built a digger to put in the garden.  The children loved using their imaginations when playing with the digger, they even turned it into a pirate ship and bus some of the time.

On Friday Busy Bees celebrated 'Army Day'.  The children dressed up in army uniform explored all the equipment the solders use and took part in an army obstacle course.  They even got to sit in an army truck and pretend to drive it.  The children had lots of fun, take a look at the photos.