Location: Ipswich - Pinewood
15th July 2016

Nursery Room Updates

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​As the sun has started to shine we have been exploring our water trays.  The children have had great fun splashing and getting very wet.  Take a Look at some of the photos.


We have had lots of water play this week as the weather has been lovely.  We explored the water tray with different toys in; we had sea animals, balls, boats and even bubbles.  The children loved exploring the water this week.  Piglets have also been very creative with their mark making, they used all different mark making tools to create amazing pictures for our displays.

Towards the end of the week the children have been taking an interest in our talk time baskets.  They have been very interested in the names and would watch the Nursery Nurse's mouth as they talked through them all.  


Rabbits have been looking at all our story bags, 5 little ducks, old Mac Donald, hungry caterpillar and 5 little apples.  We explored with all the puppets and props helping the adults to read the stories.


This week Tiggers made their own car wash out in the garden.  All the children were able to take part in this activity to help clean their cars and bikes.  Everyone had wipes buckets of water and bubbles to make all their toys sparkly clean.


We created our very own letter of the week table in our room this week.  We have found the children are becoming more involved with letters of their names.  

Each week we are going to display a different letter with resources from our room.  We will then help the children to try and name the letters and maybe recognise them if they see these again.  


All the week the children have been celebrating going to school.  We have turned our Pre-School into a mini school, helping to get all the children preparing for their new adventure.  We have been completing language, mathematics and handwriting lessons.  During the week we also had a children assembly and registration twice a day.  At lunch we even had our own packed lunch in a special Busy Bees bag.  We ended our school week with a sports day.  All the parents were invited to join in with the activities.