Location: Ipswich - Pinewood
12th August 2016

Nursery Updates

​This week in Roos room we have been exploring the paints, using brushes and our hands.  We got very creative and messy!  Pauline made some sensory bags with lots of exciting resources which the babies loved feeling them.

We have been getting very messy this week in Piglets exploring cars in different materials.  We put cars in the paint one of the days watching all the different marks the car makes on the paper.  Some of the children explored the car sound noises also.  

In rabbits all the children have been making butterfly paintings.  The children would help by folding their paper in half once they painted their butterfly.  

Tiggers and Eeyores loved getting involved in the Olympics this week.  Eeyores made biscuits wrapped in gold and silver ribbon.  Tiggers designed their own medals to take home.

Pre-school children have been interested in exploring different types of role play.  The children have been helping to create their very own police station.  There was dressing up clothes for the children to explore.

Take a look at all the pictures from the week.