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28th January 2016

Nurturing Problem Solving to Mathematics

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Last week, children's author and creator of the critically acclaimed Storysack, Neil Griffiths, visited our Busy Bees nursery at Peatmoor ahead of our new 'Nurturing Problem Solving to Mathematics' learning enhancement launch.



The children enjoyed lots of exciting activities with Neil that incorporated the practice of mathematical concepts such as, finding treasure numbers in the sandpit, turtles in the water, matching shapes and colours, and building and counting blocks until they fell down! Everyone had a fantastic morning and didn't feel like they were learning maths at all. 

'Nurturing Problem Solving to Mathetmatics' has been developed by our Childcare Team exclusively for Busy Bees nurseries, as the second unique learning enhancement, following the success of 'Babble to Chatter and Beyond'! We are delighted that Neil will be supporting us in the delivery of this fantastic programme to all of our nurseries over the coming year. 

This learning enhancement will be launched in three phases to all of our 250 nurseries across the UK, with the first launch happening on Tuesday 2nd February 2016.

Developing a bespoke learning enhancement dedicated to maths was inspired by recent research, which revealed that almost a quarter (24.2%) of children in England failed to achieve at least the expected level in mathematics at the end of the early years foundation stage between 2014 and 2015.  

This new enhancement is designed to build on the existing good mathematical teaching that takes place in each of our nurseries every day and enhance this further, by combining play and mathematics in a positive and effective way to help children develop a confident approach to this important subject.

Neil Griffiths, said:

“It is with considerable delight that I endorse this Nurturing Problem Solving to Mathematics Programme. We find ourselves in difficult times with concerns that many young children are not acquiring the important mathematical skills needed for their future daily lives. Busy Bees however, has shown themselves to be at the forefront of the movement to improve children's understanding and interest in the subject. Busy Bees is to be congratulated for the efforts they are making to create the next generation of enthusiastic, confident and passionate mathematicians.”

Our Early Years Director, Lisa Snell said:

“Early years education is all about laying the foundations through interactive and engaging play. If a child falls in love with learning, they will hopefully always have an inquisitive and inquiring mind. Learning will be an enjoyable experience throughout their lives, not just their nursery and school years, but through into adulthood. 

Mathematics is all around us in everyday life. From exploring the environment, problem solving, and discovering patterns - all found in play both indoors and outdoors – these all form an important part of our ongoing education.  Therefore we shouldn't think mathematics is just about numbers. 

It’s imperative that we improve ways of engaging young minds and reducing the fear that is often the cause of children switching off and consider all the concepts of mathematics rather than just counting and numbers. Above all, maths should be fun!" 

Find out more about 'Nurturing Problem Solving to Mathematics' here or ask your Nursery Manager for more details. 

You can keep up to date with everything happening at our first phase launch on our Twitter page @BusyBeesUK, Tuesday 2nd February, where we will be tweeting updates throughout the day!