Location: Shrewsbury
20th October 2016

Nurturing Problem Solving to Mathematics

We are delighted to announce we are introducing our new enhancement at Busy Bees Shrewsbury. 'Nurturing Problem Solving to Mathematics' is our brand new enhancement to support children's mathematical learning. Problem Solving and Mathematics are key aspects of development and have always been at the heart of the practice within nursery. 

Children's mathematical development is dependent on the rich and varied opportunities we offer them to explore ideas, develop language and solve real life problems. Mathematics is all about helping children to understand and use shape, space, measure and numbers so they can solve everyday problems. When children relate to everyday situations and things have a real meaning for them, they will learn about them. 

In our Problem Solving to Mathematics programme, children explore some of the key concepts in Mathematics, offered in a fun and engaging way. We will be shortly launching our amazing new enhancement in November to all our parents.