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Location: Preston - Preston NHS
1st June 2018

Ofsted Outstanding

On Friday 1st June we where inspected by Ofsted, we are delighted to announce we achieved the highest rating possible of 'Outstanding'. 

Ofsted praised the nurseries partnership with parents, noting that; ‘Partnership with parents is superb’. Staff provide unique home learning ideas that help to equip children with the expected skills they will need later for school. Parents are extremely complimentary. They express that staff go above and beyond to create a wonderful little community where children are extremely safe and well cared for.’

“Managers and leaders are truly inspirational. They invest highly in their whole staff team, and empower them to ‘believe that every child deserves the best possible start in life’. Managers appraise staff very well through systems, such as ‘rising stars’. This helps staff to feel highly valued and contributes to the excellent work that they do”.

Child development was given a special mention as Ofsted recognised that; The quality of teaching is outstanding. Meticulous and learning plans are very clearly centred on children’s interests, their learning from home and what they need to learn next. This contributes towards the high rates of progress that children are making.

The staff team at the nursery were also praised with very positive comments ‘Staff treasure each and every child, they offer children an abundance of support, encouragement and praise, and value their every achievement. This helps to install children with high levels of self-confidence. Children are comfortable in their enchanted surroundings. They readily adopt the nursery’s key philosophy and ‘smile with pride’.

Continuing their praise, Ofsted said; Managers and leaders have made significant changes since their last inspection to raise the quality of their practice to the highest levels. Highly inclusive evaluations and exceptionally detailed improvement plans are very clearly focused on ensuring that children’s care, safety and learning are highly prioritised in all aspects of their work.

We are very proud of the whole team. We work really well together and every member of staff works tirelessly to ensure that every area of care and education is provided at the highest level for our children and their families.

We would like to thank each and every one of you for your continuous support, we hope to maintain the outstanding standard within the nursery and promote the best start in life for your child.