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Location: Nottingham - Daybrook
22nd November 2017

Old McDonald had a farm.

Old McDonald had a farm.  Photo-1
Old McDonald had a farm.  Photo-2
Old McDonald had a farm.  Photo-3

The Baby Room Team created an exciting farm adventure for the children to explore, they use a presentation board to create an exciting back ground and lots of various fabrics and textures to explore. 

The staff used a variety of songs and pictures to develop the babies understanding of single words; encourage them to imitate actions they have observed and their understanding of how to respond to different things said them. All of these statements relate to the early years outcomes framework which we use in our nursery. This framework provides us with statements of steps and achievements for your child's stage of development. 

With the variety of colours; shapes and textures this develops the babies understanding of simple mathematical concepts and will support them in their early stages of problem solving to mathematics.