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Location: Newcastle Upon Tyne
5th January 2018

Our Brilliant Bird Day!

Our Brilliant Bird Day! Photo-1
Our Brilliant Bird Day! Photo-2
Our Brilliant Bird Day! Photo-3
Our Brilliant Bird Day! Photo-4
Our Brilliant Bird Day! Photo-5

On Friday the 5th of January, Busy Bees Newcastle had an amazing time celebrating and investigating all things bird! 

Within all of the rooms our staff supplied some really creative and exciting activities to engage all of our children for us to learn about birds and our surrounding nature environment.

In the Bunny room we got super messy making some textured, sensory pictures with lots of paint, glue and of course, feathers! 

In our Hedgehog room the children made their very own pair of binoculars and went out in small groups to do some bird spotting!

In our Squirrels room we made some funky bird nests out of shredded paper, paint and bits of nature that we found in our gardens! 

In the Badger room we challenged our children to make their own bird pictures with various art materials such as pens, paint, and collage materials!

And finally, in our Owls room, we made some amazing bird feeders to hang in our garden to attract more birds for us to observe!