Location: Derby - Heatherton
6th April 2017

Our Chicks!

Our Chicks! Photo-1
Our Chicks! Photo-2
Our Chicks! Photo-3
Our Chicks! Photo-4

On Monday we had a very exciting arrival of 10 eggs!

We carefully put them into their incubator to keep them safe and warm and checked on them (very regularly!)

On Tuesday we had a very exciting moment... Our first crack!

All of the children came down in groups to have a look at the shell and Pre-School made guesses on which egg would hatch first!

By Tuesday afternoon, we were graced with four very tired, tiny chicks!

When we came back to nursery on Wednesday morning we were amazed to see there were now 6 gorgeous yellow chicks all chirping and bouncing around!

We carefully moved them into their bigger enclosure with a nice warm heat lamp to stretch their tiny wings!

We are now all proud parents to ten gorgeous fluffy chicks who are very happy brothers and sisters and keep chirping away to each other! The children are learning lots, from the life cycle of an egg to how to look after our chicks and we are all enjoying having them and watching them grow!