Location: Preston - Lytham
1st February 2017

Our February News

So far at Busy Lytham, we have had a fantastic February. We have had so many exciting days and have so many more planned with Pancake day, World book day and Mothers day fast approaching. 

We have been making the most of the mild weather by allowing the children as much time outside as possible, we have also had our first walk of the year around the land registry, which the children loved, we found the football pitch and had games on their as a nice change.

We celebrated valentines day with crafts and themed play throughout the nursery to get everyone into the spirit. We hope everyone at home had a lovely day too.

A quick reminder of what is coming up over the next month, we have Tempest Photographers on site on Monday 27th February from 9.30am - 11.30am for a mothers day photo shoot. Children who's normal day is not a Wednesday are welcome to come in on the day. A request from the photographers is not to put any children in Red clothes. Tuesday 28th February we will be celebrating Shrove Tuesday and having pancakes in nursery!  We will be celebrating World book day alongside schools in the area on Thursday 2nd March, children can dress up as their favourite book characters and we will have a range of fun activities on throughout the day.

If all parents and families of children here at the nursery could also spread the word that our stay and play sessions are up and running again, every Wednesday from 2.15 until 3.15, all children will be welcome and sessions are free of charge.

Our class three have decided that they are going to turn their home corner into a dentist's, with full support of staff we are making this happen, so if over the next few weeks anyone goes to the dentist or has any relevant information or props we could make use off that would be helpful. We will also at some point have a visit and presentation from one of our practitioners dentists. Children may need to bring their toothbrushes in on this day. We will keep all parents informed.  

Lastly, We would like to wish Katie and Frances a happy birthday for February!