Location: Trowbridge - Paxcroft Mead
10th November 2016

Our Mini First Aiders!

Our Mini First Aiders! Photo-1
Our Mini First Aiders! Photo-2
Our Mini First Aiders! Photo-3
Our Mini First Aiders! Photo-4

In Preschool we have been discovering the world of first aid this week, following our exciting visit from our local paramedics!  After a fun discussion on which emergency service we should call in different emergency scenarios, we then explored first aid boxes and all of the intricate little treasures that lye within them. The children enjoyed exploring the different items in the first aid box and even had a try at putting bandages on their friends! Preschool then had a demonstration on how to place someone in the recovery position, after the demonstration they then had a go at rein acting what they had just observed, and what a success it was! Some children even went home and had a go and showing their Mummy's and Daddy's their new skills! This has now become a weekly activity in the Preschool room where we teach the children the importance of safety and what to do in an emergency.