Location: Ingleby Barwick
20th April 2017

Our New Dining Room

Our New Dining Room Photo-1
Our New Dining Room Photo-2

We are happy to announce that our Dining Room here at Nursery is now complete!

All the hard work has paid off and it looks amazing!

The Dining Room will be used for the Tweenie and Pre-School children at mealtimes.

The Dining Room will create a lovely calm environment for the children to enjoy their lunch and tea and will also prepare the older children for going to their big school's and using a dining room.

Independence skills will also be promoted with the children being encouraged to self serve cold foods and pouring their own drinks etc.

There is also a cosy story area in the Dining Room so that children have a nice resting place too!

The children throughout the Nursery have been busy helping to make The Very Hungry Caterpillar display in the room, which I'm sure you will agree looks amazing!

Why not come along to our Open Day on Saturday 29th April to join in some activities in our rooms and to see our Dining Room which will be on show with some tasty snacks to share too!

We hope to see you there!