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Location: Ipswich - Pinewood
17th October 2017

Our New Garden Is Complete!

Our New Garden Is Complete! Photo-1
Our New Garden Is Complete! Photo-2
Our New Garden Is Complete! Photo-3
Our New Garden Is Complete! Photo-4
Our New Garden Is Complete! Photo-5
Our New Garden Is Complete! Photo-6

Our Garden Is Now Complete


0-2's now have a large sand pit for the children to explore, this is low enough for the children to climb in and out of with easy.  A large shelter that covers the sand pit which will provide some shelter in the hotter months.  We have also provided a mirror panel that the babies can crawl up to and watch themselves as they play.


2-3's have had a brand new garden design.  In one part of the garden there is a sand pit and scales for the children to fill up and pour out.  We have had a new train built to replace the old one with easy access for the children to crawl in and out.  We have also provided the 2-3's with the an acorn house with chairs for the children to explore.


Pre-School have had their garden completely ripped out and all replaced with turf.  The children now have a draw bridge in their garden for the children to explore and role play on.


All children went out in the garden this afternoon for the first time and were very excited.  Take a look at the photos of the new design.