Location: Derby - Heatherton
24th January 2017

Our Time Capsule!

Our Time Capsule! Photo-1
Our Time Capsule! Photo-2
Our Time Capsule! Photo-3
Our Time Capsule! Photo-4
Our Time Capsule! Photo-5
Our Time Capsule! Photo-6

Here at Busy Bees Derby Heatherton we are currently undergoing some radical transformations!

We are being redecorated through out with beautiful new floors and doors to make sure we are looking our best for our wonderful children.

We also have hundreds of new resources being delivered soon to add to our wonderful aray of toys to play with.

Whilst our lovely builders were digging up the garden yesterday, they came across a mysterious box. On opening the box we found a time capsule!!

In the capsule were ten exciting items including a nursery brochure, photographs of the nursery, a video, a CD and some toys!

We loved looking at all the photos and there was even some recognisable faces of our staff members a mere 17 years ago!

We are going to re-bury the time capsule and add in some items from 2017!