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Location: Godalming - Binscombe
20th April 2018

Our Week


This week in Bluebells, the staff have really enjoyed being able to spend more time outside as the weather has been so lovely! The bigger children have loved playing on the slide and sliding into the water tray! The little ones have been in and out of the water tray throughout the day to try and keep them as cool as we can!

Some of the children are focusing on trying to take their first steps! So lots of encouragement from the staff and the bigger children in Bluebells to help them achieve this!

The littler ones in Bluebells have loved playing in the ball pit out side, teaching them how to roll the ball, and hold the ball correctly with both hands so they don’t drop it! This helps with being able to start holding the beakers on their own and it also helps with their colour development for when they get a little bit bigger!


This week in Buttercups the children have been exploring animals that live in the garden. The children have enjoyed going on a bug hunt and counting how many legs the animals may have and using the magnifying glasses to help count.

The children have enjoyed finding shapes within the environment! Seeing what different shapes they can find within the classroom or our buttercups garden! This helps them with simple mathematical language and recognition of different shapes.

The children love playing with all the babies in buttercups! So this week we have focused on the stages of getting the babies ready so using our water tray we have been giving the babies bathed before putting the nappy on and getting them dressed. This gives them an idea of how they might be able to start getting a bit more independence getting washed and dressed!

We have got new little jugs for our meal times and to use for refreshments when playing in the garden. The children are able to pour themselves a drink which will help with their independence and also gives them an understanding of measurement!


Woodlands have been focusing most of their activities outside this week due to the lovely weather! We think it’s very important that the children spend as much time outside running around playing with their friends as possible. We feel that it has many positive benefits to all the children as a whole!

They have really enjoyed playing with the dinosaurs in the water tray outside and ‘stomping’ through the water reacting  how they think dinosaurs might of acted when they were alive. This helps the children use their imagination to the upmost and really helps with their communication and language.

The children have been focusing on measurements this week, the transfer of different materials within the room and the outdoors from one place to another. This also helps them with exploring different types of transportation and discuss which way they thought it was the easiest.

The number of the week for next week is 6.

The letter of the week next week is Y.