Location: Braintree - Great Notley
7th April 2017

Our eggs have hatched!

The eggs arrived this week and we were lucky to see these hatch during the week. The 9 chicks have been transferred to their new home and we have all been holding them and watching them grow. The children named the chicks and they are called:

Bob, Goo Goo, Elsie- Darcy, George, Duncan, Cheepy, Rocket, Fluffy and Sierra.

The rooms have been carrying out chick related activities as follows:



Have been using the opportunity to learn about where chicks come from and animal products such as where milk comes from. This lead to a milk tasting activity. The children tasted soya milk, goat’s milk, rice milk and cow’s milk and talked about the differences between them and how they are produced. The children noticed the colour of the goat’s milk was very different to the others

The playdough table housed a life cycle of a chick which the children all really enjoyed. The children also had great fun with a mother and baby animal matching game. On Friday they made their own Easter chick biscuits- Yummy!


Our rising threes have been very busy talking about lifecycles. The children planted cress seeds in egg box caterpillars and talked about how they grow. The children created their own collages of the chick lifecycle too.

On Friday the children completed a science experiment and ‘hatched chicks’ from ice with salt.


The children in our 2-3’s have been creating their own chicks using yellow hand prints and painting skills. They also had fluffy chick toys in their water tray and the children chose to sort them with tweezers.


The 1-2’s have made chick egg collages and used this opportunity to talk about textures. The have also been holding the chicks and talking about what they eat and where they live.

We are all looking forward to national gardening week next week also!