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Location: Inverness
21st June 2018

Paella Making!

Paella Making! Photo-1
Paella Making! Photo-2
Paella Making! Photo-3
Paella Making! Photo-4
Paella Making! Photo-5

John held a super activity for the toddler and pre-school rooms on our Spanish inspired day.  They were able to get outside with the tables to help prepare their own paella for lunch!

They practiced their motor skills by cutting vegetables and helping to mix, and watching John cook the food right in front of them.  While it was cooking, John got involved with some music and singing with the children and then, when it was ready, the children were able to fill their own wraps with some paella and taste the delights of their very own creation!

This was such a fabulous Al Fresco dining experience to participate in; one which we do not often have available to us, living in the Highlands of Scotland.  The children had such a good time and were thoroughly engrossed for the whole activity.  Kudos to our 'Superchef', John for organising this special event for the children!