Location: Nottingham - Daybrook
28th February 2017

Pancake Day Experiment

Pancake Day Experiment  Photo-1
Pancake Day Experiment  Photo-2
Pancake Day Experiment  Photo-3

The toddlers have created an exciting experiment with the play dough this morning! 

They firstly made pancakes from the playdough with a hint of bicarbonate of soda, using their fine motor skills to press, touch and mould the playdough into a pancake. The children then used their fine motor skills to press the pipet, enabling some lemon juice to drop on to the pancake. The children watched but nothing happened. 

Then they made playdough again but added a hint of bicarbonate of soda to the mixture. The children then again used thier fine motor skills to squeeze the lemon juice on to the pancake. This created a fizzing action!! The children spoke about the sounds and how they sounded like "its cooking" "its going pop!" 

This is one of many exciting activities that the children learn about whilst at nursery. This encourages children's speech and language and also their understanding of the world and how things work!