Location: Derby - Oakwood
28th February 2017

Pancake Day!

Pancake Day! Photo-1
Pancake Day! Photo-2
Pancake Day! Photo-3
Pancake Day! Photo-4
Pancake Day! Photo-5
Pancake Day! Photo-6

Here at Derby Oakwood we have been celebrating pancake day by taking part in a variety of activities such as pancake races, pancake eating competitions and also designing their own pancake pictures.

The children looked at visuals of different pancakes and took ideas from them to help design their own on paper using a variety of different colours, glitter, paints etc.

A small group of pre-school children went out in the garden this morning and had pancake races using frying pans and their pancake designs on paper plates.

We have an announcement to make!! (drum roll)....

Derby Oakwood pancake eating champion is....... Cameron Long!! 

Well done our little champ! you managed to eat 3 whole pancakes to yourself! Yum.