Location: Derby - Heatherton
28th February 2017

Pancake Day!

Pancake Day! Photo-1

Happy Pancake Day!!

Traditional zesty lemon and fresh banana, scrummy chocolate and juicy orange were amongst the toppings of the day at nursery Shrove Tuesday.

Eager children were treated to a fantastic pancake flipping performance by Nursery Chefs Yvonne Slater and Apprentice Shadrak Konia before they were able to choose from a variety of nutritious and delicious fillings to their wonderful creations.

The nursery took part in a pirate pancake experience as Apprentice Chef Shadrak went on a hunt for the lost flour treasure to make the children's pancakes as part of the occasion. Staff also managed to squeeze in a bit of history amongst the fun as they used to occasion to explain to children why we traditionally use up eggs, milk and sugar before the forty days of fasting begins for Lent.

We like to make Pancake Day fun at our nursery as it is an event that the children really look forward to. It’s a very simple recipe and easy for the children to help. The older children like to help crack the eggs and pour out the milk and of course whisk the batter. They really enjoy watching the chef flip the pancakes in the pan and choosing their own healthy fillings.